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Be the Boss: 7 powerful traits of highly effective leaders

Being a good leader means embodying the soul and ethos of the people you lead. The most effective leaders reflect the values and principles that their team holds dear. Indeed, that can be quite a tall order, especially if you are entering the role for the first time.

Here are seven essential traits to always keep in your back pocket:

1. L is for "Look and Listen"

When you're just stepping into a leadership position, take a moment to look around and notice your surroundings.What are the people on your team prioritizing and spending their time on? It might even help to schedule individual meetings with each person on your team. This will help you stay informed when establishing a vision for where you want your organization to be.

2. E is for "Emotional Bonding"

Respected leaders take the time to build meaningful relationships with their colleagues and team. Ask about the families of those you work with, but be careful not to inquire about anything too personal. Know your boundaries. Remember their birthdays, ask them how their day is going and schedule a lunch or all-hands company meeting to answer questions. Share personal stories from your life.Let people see you are who you really are – not as some autocrat, but someone who is relatable and of equal value.

3. A is for "Awareness"

As a leader, you must have situational awareness, which simply means being observant of your immediate surroundings. Being aware will help you obtain information critical to your success. You can enhance your understanding by conversing regularly with your colleagues through recurring meetings, reading about your organization in the news and "walking the halls" of your company to learn about what's on people's mind.

4. D is for "Doing"

Leaders must act. Don't just analyze a situation, as that can result in a paralysis where no decision is made.

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