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Entrepreneurship is an option for anyone

Cassidy Jackson, Assistant Opinion Editor November 6, 2018

As a high school student, the term “entrepreneur” always drew up an image of the Bezos-prototype: white, male computer science major. Essentially, in my head, entrepreneurship represented everything I wasn’t. As a black woman and journalism major, I don’t tick off a single box on that checklist. Now being a part of The Garage, the piece of my identity that makes me feel most like an outsider is weirdly my major. And today, at an event hosted by

The Garage, I was confronted again by a feeling of inadequacy.

The event was titled “Building a Bridge to Lasting Success through Emotional Intelligence,”and reeled in a diverse crowd of undergraduate and graduate students, professors and NU staff. To my shock, out of an audience of around 40, I was one of the few non-engineering majors. In the midst of the talk, the speaker Joe Holtgrieve, assistant dean for undergraduate engineering, asked all engineering students to raise their hands — and about 60 percent lifted a hand up, and that was engineering alone. Sitting there, I thought to myself, “Wow. Little high school me was kind of right.”

There’s an interesting sense of self-inflicted exclusion being a journalism major, as entrepreneurship aren’t common themes laced throughout Medill’s curriculum. When we think of journalism, we think of creating articles or podcast — not creating a company or carving a new lane. Past classes have proved that to me.

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