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Sisters On Shutdown Furlough Start A Cheesecake Business

NY Magee, EURWeb.com

Jaqi Wright and her sister, Nikki Howard, are furloughed federal employees who have found a way to bounce back during this partial government shutdown, which began Dec. 22.

800,000 federal employees and contractors are reportedly affected by Trump’s shutdown, and Wright and Howard — who work for the Justice Department and Food and Drug Administration in Washington D.C., respectively — are concerned about how the lack of pay will impact their finances. per time.com.

Rather than accept defeat, the Maryland-based sisters decided to launch The Furlough Cheesecake on New Year’s Day — selling cheesecakes for $29.98 each.

“We don’t know when this is going to end. We don’t have a clue,” Howard, the baker behind the operation, says. “But instead of dwelling on that and feeling the depression that tends to come with these kinds of situations, we’re making a decision to do something else.”

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